Nail Care

Our mission is to revolutionize the modern manicure, and it's officially begun.  The first nail polish ever to incorporate multi-patented LAC Q3 technology. Caption Polish is a breakthrough, and it redefines what color and effects can achieve. As nail care professionals, we wanted something beyond existing gel technology, a futuristic solution that simply makes it simple to express and personalize; apply and remove.

Japanese Gel is a nail art that does not contain additives and solvents, the color is so bright with amazing pigment... to experience it is to love it. You no longer need to soak off your gel polish every time, you can easily fill your growth with new gel polish. It is for people interested in removing their acrylics, yet nervous about removing them or losing your length. We offer gel fills that allows the acrylic to safety grow out or gel extensions for a healthier alternative to acrylic tips. 

All metal implements are scrubbed, sanitized and then disinfected for 10 minutes in germicide and fungicide according to California laws and regulations. We then take an extra step by using a hospital grade Autoclave. We take health to the next level!



The Deluxe Live Beautifully Manicure (45 min) $30

Shape & cuticle care + Sugar scrub exfoliation + Mud mask wrapped in hot towels + Massage + Lacquer polish (not your average nail treatment. The sugar scrub will relax you while work hard on the dead skin layer. A mud mask with warm towel treatment follows to give your hands a revived feel. Top that with our massage so indulging you don't want it to stop) (Gel color add $20)


 The Signature Mani  $28
 Soak + shape + cuticle care + polish (color) + massage  
 - Add healthy gel nails  $20
 - Add french  $6


The Lounge Mani $36
Soak + shape + cuticle care + moisturizing paraffin was + hot towels + polish (color) + massage  
- Add healthy gel nails $20
- Add french $6


Polish change $15
- Add french $6


Healthy-gel Japanese Gel
- Gel clear coat or clear fill $45
- Gel one color or color fill with custom blends $48
- French or french fill, clear, white, pink or color $58
- Half moon/low french, clear by cuticle to hide growth $58
- Gel french, glitter gradation/fade $65
- Gel removal $12
** All gel services include shape, cuticle care & massage**  


Gel art menu - Japanese Design (Book for more time for design)

- Accent nail, simple design Add $3 each
- Accent nail, fancy design Add $5 each
- 3D accent nail design Add $8 each
- Swarovski stones Add $5 per 10
- Glitter, hologram, gel art, small pieces $1 - $3 per nail
- Simple art + accent nails, 10 nails with simple art, and 2 accent nails with designs $75
- Simple art + accent nails, 10 nails with simple art, and 4 accent nails with designs $85
Paraffin wax treatment $15
Microdermabrasion treatment $25
Acrylic removal $25
Shiny buff $6



The signature pedi $30
Soak + shaping + cuticle care + heel buff + polish + massage  
- Add healthy gel nails $20
- Add french $6


The lounge pedi $45
Soak + shaping + cuticle care + callus removal + sugar scrub + polish + massage  
- Add healthy gel nails $20
- Add french $6
Extra ten minute foot massage $10
Callus remover $8


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